Music made social.
Music done right on your phone.
It’s time to mix things up.

Here’s a little bit about the app.

What is it?

Mixen is a music player first and foremost. It is designed to be simple and elegant. It's flagship feature is the ability to create a collaborative playlist with anyone nearby running the app.

How does it work?

Mixen uses a technology called WiFi Direct™ to connect the devices. This means that you can use the app anywhere, without being connected to the same network. So you could use it in the middle of rush-hour traffic, or in the Navajo desert, or right at home.

How much does it cost?

Mixen is a free app, the host of the party however needs to have Spotify premium, which is not a free service. In a coming update, users will be able to share songs already on their device, making Spotify streaming a supplement.

Wait, what about iOS?

We’re working on making an iOS version right now. A beta will soon be under way. Check out our Google Plus community for updates on the iOS version and more.